Hong Kong Work Visas & Permits

What Varieties of Hong Kong Work Visas Are There?

Most of the people moving to Hong Kong for any job submit an application for a work visa under the final Work Policy (GEP). These types of visas are frequently issued only for a specific period. Being qualified, candidates will need to have a verified task offer you with the employer that's sponsoring them.

Several other popular Hong Kong perform permits contain the subsequent:

Know-how talent admission plan: This work visa is for industry experts who specialise in specified technological innovation sectors, which include artificial intelligence and economical technologies.

Schooling: The teaching selection is a piece visa for individuals who need to learn a ability or get specific awareness and who want to are now living in Hong Kong for nearly a 12 months.

Top quality migrant admission scheme: Expats from specified professions can relocate to Hong Kong utilizing this visa. This system has one,000 slots for IT, monetary, legal, and inventive individuals who do not have an present occupation present.

Immigration Work visa Hong Kong preparations for non-area graduates: This visa is for individuals with a diploma from Hong Kong. Inside 6 months of graduation, they will implement to stay in the town for up to a yr to look for local work.

Specifications to get a Work Visa in Hong Kong

In the event your staff are applying for any Hong Kong work allow under the GEP, they should include things like an announcement from you describing the position. The Immigration Department will assess the application for:

* A graduate diploma

* Important professional experience

* Salary and working problems similar to community criteria

* Contribution on the nearby economy

* Lack of an area to fill the particular placement

Occasionally it’s complicated for providers to verify which they couldn’t uncover a local to fill a posture, particularly when they’re recruiting people from worldwide. Having said that, the immigration authorities typically acknowledge the proof they receive.

If your staff have loved ones they would want to provide to Hong Kong, they’ll have to have to meet added demands. By way of example, staff ought to verify that they may have a genuine relationship and dependent young children under the age of eighteen. They need to present that they can financially support a spouse and children and provide the best accommodations. If a wife or husband desires to operate in Hong Kong also, they are able to do so as a result of an additional function permit.

Techniques for Obtaining a Get the job done Visa in Hong Kong

Initial, workers have to fill out the correct application variety for their asked for visa and fix many of the expected documents. If your documents are in every other language In addition to English or Chinese, the worker have to supply a translation. They can also will need a legitimate travel document from their residence place.

Purposes may be mailed or handed in Individually. They're able to go both on to the Hong Kong Immigration Division or the nearest Chinese mission. If the staff is a international national dwelling over the Chinese Mainland, they are able to post their visa software in Beijing with the Hong Kong government’s Place of work. An alternative choice is always to file the application through a nearby sponsor, such as a future employer.

Other Critical Criteria for Hong Kong Working Visas

While The everyday employment visa is legitimate only during the shorter-time period, staff could get an extension the moment it expires. They need to use at the least four weeks prior to the expiration day. Most work visas will stick to a two-3-3-12 months extension pattern. The sole exception is a fixed work agreement that runs out before the visa expires, during which the extension will likely be shortened appropriately.